Dry Risers & Fire Hydrants

Dry & Wet Risers
Dry and Wet Risers are an essential resource for your Local Firefighters and other trained personnel to access. They can deliver high volumes of water instantly either by staying charged with water or connecting a water supply.
Dry Risers are fitted vertically along your building, sometimes found in staircase enclosures. Each floor has an access point where you can locate an outlet valve to connect to while the bottom level provides an inlet valve to connect your water supply.
Wet Risers are similar to Dry Risers only they stay charged with water at all times. They are provided either by a storage tank with Firefighting graded water or directly connected to the main water supply line.

Dry Risers Inspection & Care

Dry Risers will require annual inspections and maintenance. We provide an early 6-month visual inspection due to governed regulations to look over the pipeline for any distinct damages. Then we charge the line at a particular pressure to see that it holds water properly for future use.
We provide all necessary maintenance by our technicians with the proper certifications given to you upon completion.

Fire Hydrants Inspection & Maintenance
Fire Hydrants are another crucial water source for Firefighters to access when they arrive on site. You will find that the majority of Hydrants are located on public property and are owned by local water companies. Making them responsible for the maintenance and care for them.
However, Fire Hydrants located on private property are maintained by the owner of that property. Both the ground level hydrant and underground hydrants require routine inspections with maintenance. Failure to do this can result in violations and fines from your local government.

Contact Saddin to have your Dry Risers and Fire Hydrants Inspected by qualified professionals to ensure your equipment is compliant and functional.