Emergency Lighting

A Safe Workplace Essential
Having emergency lights and emergency exit lights are crucial to sustaining a safe work environment. In the case of an emergency, these lights are there to keep occupants calm, direct movement and assist in an efficient evacuation.
With a beaming exit light to shine through any condition, you will be able to identify where you need to be to leave the building.
Saddin’s installs and performs the necessary maintenance for all of your emergency lights.

Extensive Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Saddin’s will provide you with routine inspections, testing, and any other maintenance needed. To make sure that your emergency lights are working properly and are prepared for any possible emergency.

We Maintain
Working Lights
Emergency Exit Safety
Minimized System Downtime
Decreased Injury & Claims Expenses
Battery Life In All Lights
Proper Electrical Connections

Contact Saddin today to find out more about Emergency Lighting in your building and what you need to be compliant.