Fire Doors & Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection is always at work when installed in your building. These include different parts of the building designed to contain and stop fires.

Examples of Passive Fire Protection
Structural Fire Protection: Structural Steel and Joint Systems
Compart Mentation: Fire Barriers, Firewalls, Fire Partitions and Smoke Barriers
Opening Protection: Fire Doors & Windows
Fire Stopping Material: Limits Fire Penetration

Fire Door Regulations
The importance of installing Fire Doors as any person, company or organization who owns, manages or operates a building must comply with government regulations. This means that if you are in charge of a building, then you must ensure that sufficient assessments have been made on your building for fire doors.

If you already have Fire Doors installed, then it is important to remember that you must provide routine inspections. Failure to do so can cause violations and ineffective doors.

Fire Door Inspection, Repair, and Report
Saddin can provide you with the inspections, repair and reporting you need to stay compliant. The details we receive after inspecting your Fire Doors allows us to plan for maintenance and fixes accordingly.

Common Repairs Performed
Fix or Replace damaged or openings found on door and frame

Tighten and secure all door, frame, hinges and hardware ensuring they are aligned and functioning properly

Replace any missing parts

Check the self-closing device for proper function

Check the condition of gaskets and seals where required

Latching hardware operates and secures the door when it is in the closed position.

Contact Saddin to perform required professional inspections and repairs on all of your Passive Protection Fire Doors.