Fire Evacuation Tools & Tips

Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan Checklist

When creating your Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan follow our checklist to ensure that you prepared with all integral procedures for a safe egress from the building.
Map out all escape routes and exits

Detailed procedures for workers who need to stay to operate critical equipment before leaving

Steps to be taken for workers who need extra assistance

A system to account employees and occupants after exiting

Choose and assign personnel who are responsible for medical and rescue aid [optional]

Identify different options to alert occupants of fire emergency

Identify different options to alert Local Fire Department

Supply all occupants with information regarding whom they can contact for further information

Orientate all employees and occupants of your emergency & alarm systems voice messages and noise alerts
Fire Evacuation Chairs are available to have stored in your building designed to assist physically challenged individuals escape down staircases. Contact Saddin to get yours today.

Fire Evacuation Drills & Reports
You will be required to initiate Fire Evacuation Drills throughout your calendar year to make your occupants ready in case of a fire.
These drills include activating your alarm system, performing an orderly evacuation, and running through on accounting for each employee at your designated emergency exit meeting point.
These drills are designed to prepare you and your staff for any sudden emergency that may occur. Showing you how prepared you are and if additional training is necessary.
These drills will need to be documented and reported to the proper authorities to maintain your compliance with Fire Safety rules and regulations.