Fire Extinguishers

Saddin’s provides surveys, supply, commission, and installation for a wide selection of Fire Extinguishers. Suitable for any use or building for any business.

Our first step in installing your Fire Extinguishers is for our qualified professionals to look over the entire site to decide on your needs and requirements.

There is a variety of Fire Extinguishers available designed for different types of fires. Our survey will allow us to choose Extinguishers that you will need and where.

Before installation, our trained employees will perform commissioning on all of your equipment. Assuring you that they are ready for use and in compliance.

Once all of the proper steps have been taken, we will install your Fire Extinguishers. Firmly and securely mounting them in designated locations for easy and quick access.

Fire Extinguisher Types

Dry Powder
Wet Chemical

Handle & Care Maintenance

When choosing Saddin’s for your Fire Extinguisher needs you are always receiving our services. After we have commissioned and installed your equipment, we offer additional maintenance services. Adhering to government regulation and policies to maintain your equipment for optimal performance.

Contact Saddin to begin the process today and guarantee that your building is compliant and equipped in case of a fire emergency.