Fire Risk Assessments

Is Your Building At Risk For Potential Fires?

According to government regulations, businesses must conduct a Fire Risk Assessment to review your risk for potential fires. These assessments are aimed to remove and reduce any possible causes for fires. It is recommended that they be frequently updated to ensure that your building is in aligning with governed codes and policies.

Saddin offers both Consultations and Renewals for you to choose from depending on your needs.

Fire Risk Assessment Consultation
If you have not had an assessment performed on your building, Saddins Consultation service is here to help.
We employ only qualified Fire Safety Consultants to come to your place of business. During our consultation, they will review the conditions of your building and prepare a written Fire Risk Assessment.
This evaluation will show you where you lack safety measures, what needs to be improved and how to get your business in compliance with Fire Safety Regulations.

Fire Risk Assessment Renewal
We recommend that your Fire Risk Assessment be reviewed and updated routinely.
You must update your Assessment if any significant changes occur on site such as staff changes, workflow changes, a near-miss fire accident or an actual fire. However, if none of these events do occur, it is always good practice to routinely have one performed twice a year.
Saddins Fire Risk Assessment Renewal gives you an overview of your building, a review of your Fire Safety Plan, an updated report and a revised action plan.

Contact Saddin to perform a thorough Fire Risk Assessment on your building or to renew your existing one.