Fire Suppression Systems

Saddin offers you automatic Fire Suppression Systems to handle and extinguish fires without your needing to do anything. They are installed systematically throughout your designated site and are sensitive to all fire indicators.
There are three different types of Suppression Systems that we offer, and they include.

Fire Sprinkler System
Gas Fire Suppression
Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression

These systems can sense when temperatures rise abnormally, detect smoke, and will release a Suppression Chemical Agent when they are triggered. Containing the fire and eliminating the chances of it spreading further throughout the building.

Our Systems Include
Suppression Chemical Agent Storage Units
Flame Detection
Control Panels | System Release Panels
Smoke Detection
Temperature Monitoring
Suppressant Release Nozzles

Contact Saddin today to discover which Suppression System is the best fit for you and your building.