Fire Training

Saddin provides you with qualified training and classes to certify you and your employees for your building. We offer a variety of training services for you to choose from. Allowing you to identify and assign personnel for certain positions to build a properly trained in-house fire protection team.

Qualified Fire Safety Training
Fire Triangle/Tetrahedron Explanation
Types & Classes of Fires
Different Causes of Fires
How to Properly Extinguish a Fire
Basic Fire Prevention
Fire Extinguisher Types & Uses
Hands-on Live Fire Training
Fire Systems & How To Use Them
Certificate of Completion

Build Staff Confidence—Fire Extinguisher Training
Examination of Basic Fire Protection Equipment
Overview of Common Fire Extinguisher Types & Uses
Information on Prevalent Causes of Fires
Review of Current Fire Evacuation Procedures
Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Training & Practice
Fire Hazard Awareness Training

Fire Warden Training—On Your Terms
Becoming a Fire Marshall can give you a huge role in making a full proof Fire Safety Plan for your company and building. Fire Marshalls or Wardens are specific members of your personnel who are given high-level responsibilities in case of an emergency.

Saddin offers Fire Warden Training at the convenience of your business. We can perform the training course on-site at a time that suits you or we make arrangements for another location.
Those selected for your Fire Marshall Training will be educated on the following during an in-class lecture.
Proper & Safe Evacuation Procedures
Procedures to Follow When Emergency Occurs

Common Causes of Fires
Full Training for Specific On Site Building Fire Safety
After the training has been completed your chosen employee(s) will be required to take a short written test. Once passed, they will receive a certificate of completion.

Please Contact Saddan to schedule essential training courses for your staff to ensure they receive the most qualified and professional training possible.