Portable Appliance Testing

Portable Appliance Testing is used to examine electrical appliances and equipment to verify they are safe to use. A simple visual inspection identifies damaged electrical safety devices, while severe defects require in depth testing with our device.
Saddin offers Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) for all of your electrical appliances to provide you the utmost Prevention of Fires.

Portable Appliance Testing Inspection
The visual inspection process involves a basic overview of the instruments cables and plugs for an immediate signs of damage. We will also check for the appliances grounding continuity and any other flexible wires to ensure they are secure and function.

Portable Appliance Tests
For the defects that may not be appearing visually, we can conduct various electrical tests using our Portable Appliance Tester. These tests vary on the type of appliance and its electrical class.
Ask us about our offered tests to find out which one you need for your appliances.

Portable Appliance Remedial
We perform any required Remedial tasks on the site. These tasks include changing a burnt fuse and re-wiring a cable or plug.

Contact Saddin to have your appliances inspected, tested and repaired by a trained professional.