Saddin Security Systems

Saddins delivers a full service of both Fire Protection and Security. Offering complete protection from the hazards of fires and personal safety. To continue our commitment to your safety and well being, we offer you crime-proof Security Systems to integrate into your Fire Alarm Systems.

CCTV Camera Systems
Place affordable high-resolution CCTV Cameras in vulnerable or sensitive areas of your building. These cameras can continuously operate and record your designated area. Connected to a central monitoring station for you to supervise the recorded footage, visually inspect live feed for areas all over your building and review old recordings.

Intruder Alarm Systems
Intruder Alarm Systems can be configured and installed at various access points of your building. Using motion sensors and other components they allow you to react to an unwanted intruder swiftly and efficiently. These systems can help you protect your company, employees, and crucial data.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems give you the ability to have complete authority on access to your building. Integrated with other systems, these enhance your building’s overall security and allow you to control who enters the building and when.

Contact Saddin to find out how to integrate Security Systems into your building for complete Fire and Security Protection.