Traffic Control

A fire can disrupt the extended area around your building on top of the damages it is causing your business. With a large number of occupants evacuating the building, it can become unsafe due to the normal traffic in the outside immediate area. Civilians who drive by may be too close to the fire too, causing more safety hazards to the entire community.

Complete Safety—Traffic Control
Saddin offers Traffic Control services for those emergencies and locations that need it most. Providing fully trained personnel to instruct traffic safely in a manner that promotes the care of evacuating employees and the general public.

Lane Closures & Flagging
We designate our team of Traffic Control professionals to perform two separate tasks for an efficient operation.
After receiving clearance from a local authority, we close a specified lane in order to mitigate traffic away from the fire and your staff of employees. This is also a good way to slow down traffic by cutting the road into one lane instead of two.

To allow a lane closure to function successfully we require that our flaggers be present at various access points. These employees are trained to direct traffic to stop, slow down and go to sustain the safety of everyone involved.

To prevent any additional accidents from occurring in the event of a fire, please contract Saddin today for our Traffic Control services.